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Use and access conditions is a presentation website, whose purpose is to provide with information on Compagnie de Financement Foncier. This website is subject to French law.

Users of this site acknowledge that they have the skills and equipment necessary to access and use the site. They also acknowledge that they are aware of this legal notice and engage to respect it.

Users of this website acknowledge that they have been informed is accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week, except in case of absolute necessity, data-processing difficulties, difficulties related to the telecommunication networks or other technical difficulties. For reasons of maintenance, the Compagnie de Financement Foncier will be able to stop the access to the site and will notice the users beforehand. Compagnie de Financement Foncier could not be held responsible for the impossibility of access to the site.

Information placed at the disposal on the site

The provided information on the site is on a purely informative basis. Compagnie de Financement Foncier endeavours to ensure the exactitude and the update of the information, in particular financial, disseminated on this site, of which it reserves the right to modify and to constantly correct the contents and without notice. It cannot however guarantee the completeness of it, the precision, the exhaustiveness or the absence of modification by a third. The information disseminated on this site could not in any case to be interpreted like a canvassing, a council, an offer of service and/or products or an incentive to acquire transferable securities of Compagnie de Financement Foncier or any other company mentioned on the site.

Compagnie de Financement Foncier declines consequently any responsibility :

  • in the event of inaccuracy, error or omission relating to information available on the site; of an absence of availability of information,
  • for all damage, direct and/or indirect, whatever the causes, origins, natures or consequences,
  • for the use of the site and/or the credit granted to any information coming directly or indirectly from the site,
  • decisions taken on the basis of information contained on the site, and the use which could be made by thirds about it.

Policy of hypertext links

The hypertext links set up within the framework of the website in direction of other resources present on Internet network, and in particular of the partners, were subject to a prior and express approval.

However, Compagnie de Financement Foncier not being the editor of these sites, it cannot control the contents of it. Consequently, Compagnie de Financement Foncier will not be in no case held for being in charge of the contents of the sites thus accessible, or the possible personal collections and data transmission, installation of cookies or any other process tending to the same ends, carried out by these sites.

Thus, the existence of a link of the site of Compagnie de Financement Foncier towards another site does not constitute a recommendation nor a validation of this site or its contents. It is up to the user to use this information with understanding and critical mind.

The users and visitors of the site cannot in any case set up a hypertext link in direction to the site without written and preliminary authorization of Compagnie de Financement Foncier. Any request tending for this purpose must be addressed to the person in charge of the site.


Data processing

The site of Compagnie de Financement Foncier is declared at the National IT commission and freedoms (CNIL-France) pursuant to the law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, the files and “freedoms”.

In certain cases (questionnaires, request of information, deposit of candidature, etc), Compagnie de Financement Foncier has the right to ask the website visitor to communicate personal information such as their name, first name, coordinates and email address to him.

The user is informed that he has a right to access, correct and delete data relating to them by mail to the Compagnie de Financement Foncier at 4 quai de Bercy, 94224 Charenton Cedex (by precisely indicating to it the object of its request).

The user is in particular informed that, in accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, the personal information communicated by the user because of the forms present on the site are intended for Compagnie de Financement Foncier can be, possibly, communicated to thirds and in particular the company’s subsidiary and to partners of Compagnie de Financement Foncier. The user has the right to be opposed to this communication by writing to the address mentioned above.


Intellectual property

All the data (texts, sounds or images) being reproduced on the pages of this site are the exclusive property of Compagnie de Financement Foncier. Any reproduction, representation or diffusion, in whole or part, of the contents of this site on some support or by any procedure is prohibited. The non-observance of this prohibition constitutes a counterfeit likely to engage the civil responsibility and penal of the counterfeiter.

The brands of Compagnie de Financement Foncier as well as the logos being reproduced on the site are registered trademarks. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands and logos for any purpose and in particular with an advertising purpose, is prohibited without the prior agreement and writing of the holder of the brand, in accordance with the L713-2 article of the Code of the Intellectual property.



The user of Compagnie de Financement Foncier’s website is informed that at the time of their visits on the site, a cookie can be automatically installed on its software of navigation and be temporarily stored on its hard drive.

A cookie is an element which does not allow to identify the user but is used to record relative information with the navigation of this one on Internet site.

The user will be able to desactivate this cookie by changing the parameters appearing within its software of navigation. Cookies requiring user consent are installed only if he has consented.

The user of the site of Compagnie de Financement Foncier’s website admits being informed of this practice and authorizes Compagnie de Financement Foncier to employ it.

Rules governing the use of cookies on Compagnie de Financement Foncier website :

1/What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored on the user's terminal*. They are used by web developers to retain user data to help visitors navigate their websites more efficiently and to perform certain functions. A cookie file also allows the server to identify the terminal on which it is stored during the period of validity, or until the expiration date, of that cookie.

*Terminal” refers to the electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) that you use to consult or display a website, application, advertisement, etc.


2/What cookies do we use, and what for?

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies help us to understand how visitors use our website and how the website performs; they also allow us to compile statistics, count the number of visitors and see how they move around the site when they are using it (pages visited, route followed). This allows us to improve your website experience and the relevance of our content (the most frequently accessed pages or sections, the most frequently read articles, etc.).

 Third-party cookies

The installation and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy protection policies adopted by these third parties. We keep you informed of the purpose of the cookies we know about and the means at your disposal to make certain choices about these cookies. Our website may contain cookies set by third parties (advertising agencies, audience metrics companies, etc.) enabling these third parties, during the period of these cookies’ validity, to collect browsing information about the terminals using our website.


Name of the cookie Use Cookie retention period
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_utmc Google Analytics Session
_utmt Google Analytics 10 min
_utmz Google Analytics 6 months
alert_user_cookie Display cookies bar 3 months
SERVERID Server Load balancing Session
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COOKIEBAR_1 Notify if the internet user have read about the use of cookies on the site 11 months

3/Your choices regarding the cookies

You are given several options allowing you to manage the cookies installed on your terminal. Should you modify any settings, you may change your Internet browsing experience and the conditions providing access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

You can configure your browser to allow the storage of cookies on your terminal or, on the contrary, you can choose a configuration where they are blocked, either systematically or according to the entity wanting to install them. You can also configure your browser to offer you the choice of accepting or rejecting cookies whenever necessary, before they are installed on your terminal.

The resources at your disposal to accept/reject or delete cookies installed by our site are as follows:

The way to configure each browser is different. The cookie management method is described in your browser’s help menu, allowing you to learn how to change your preferences in this respect.


1.    Open Google Chrome.
2.    Click on the Chrome menu icon (to the right of the address bar).
3.    Select “Settings”.
4.    At the bottom of the page, select “Show advanced settings.”
5.    In the "Privacy" section, select “Content Settings” to specify the level of privacy required.

Mozilla Firefox

1.    Open Firefox.
2.    Click the Menu icon, then “Options” (on Windows devices) or “Preferences” (on Mac OS).
3.    Select the Privacy tab.
4.    Choose the “Use customer settings for history” option5.    You can then set the required level of confidentiality.

Internet Explorer

1.    Open Internet Explorer (with Internet Explorer 11, use the classic desktop interface).
2.    Click “Tools” (icon in the form of a cogwheel) and then click on “Internet Options.”
3.    Select the Privacy tab.
4.    In the Settings window, a slider allows you to adjust the level of privacy you prefer: move the cursor down to allow all cookies (or up to block all cookies).


1.    Open Safari.
2.    Click the “Edit” menu (Windows) or the “Safari” menu (Mac) and choose “Preferences.”
3.    In the Preferences window, click on “Privacy.”
4.    Opposite the line “Block cookies”, choose the degree of privacy you require (“From third parties and advertisers,” “Always,” “Never”).
5.    Close the window.

You may obtain further information:

  • the CNIL website
  • Crédit Foncier – Département CNIL – 4 quai de Bercy – 94224 CHARENTON CEDEX
  • about analytical cookies:  GOOGLE ANALYTICS
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